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A Multi (128) Slice C T Scan is the latest diagnostic tool for several procedures like Perfusion Studies in Strokes, Angio-CT for Vascular studies in brain and limbs, CT Urography, virtual Brochoscopy,Gastro duodenoscopy, Virtual Colonoscopy and many other non-invasive studies quickly and with less amount of ionic Contrast, beneficial for certain patient categories like those with renal impairment.

Invasive and routine Cardiology Care is managed By a team of three Cardiologists and is fully equipped for detail cardiac performance studies Coronary Angiography, Stenting, Pace maker implantation etc. The Unit is complemented by a team of Cardiac Surgeon, Cardiac Anesthetist and Perfusionist

Case Studies
  • Multi (128) Slice CT Scan

  • Perfusion Studies

  • Angio CT of Brain

  • Cardiac Cath Lab & D S A Suite

  • Open Heart Surgery OT

  • TMT

  • 3-D Echo Doppler