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The Hospital has the largest bed-ICU ratio of 3:1 with 50 ICU beds in Central ICU, Coronary ICU, Stroke ICU, Burns ICU and Semi ICU. The I.C.U. is equipped with advanced multi-Parameter monitors, defibrillators, ventilators, nebulisers, infusion and syringe pumps and ARrT+ dialysers. There is round the clock Physician cover with Anesthesiologists and Pulmonologists and trained paramedics. This unit is directly supervised by the Chief of Medicine, Dr Maya Gantayet. The profile of cases successfully treated includes Myasthenia Gravis, G.B.Syndrome, complicated Malaria, O.P.Poisoning, snake bites, status epilepticus, C.O.P.D., septicemia and complicated pneumonia.

All C.V.A. cases spend the acute phase of the illness here till they are stable and then transferred to the Stroke Unit. Patients with significant head injuries, poly-trauma, and crush syndrome are also treated here.

Case Studies